Doll Hair Information


Nylon hair feels a little finer than saran. It has a lovely soft and silky texture. It looks beautiful, it feels beautiful and is the easiest to style out of all the different types of hair.

It is extremely versatile and can take a lot of heat without shrinking. It is less heavily weighted than saran hair and it does not have the greasy / waxy feel that saran has.

It is extremely strong and less prone to breaking than other types of hair. Also, it is less prone to tangling than saran.

The Nylon hanks we stock are "My Little Pony Hanks" which are 38 inches long and come in one long format.

I have included a photo of my Sindy along with a hank of “Volcano” nylon so you can see the comparison. My Sindy was rerooted using 2 hanks of ”Pumpkin Spice” nylon using a reroot tool.

You can cut each hank into equal lengths, for example, the Sindy shown in the picture was rerooted using 2 hanks, with each hank cut in half. For shorter hair, you can cut one hank into quarters.


Until Nylon came along, Saran was the best hair you could buy. It is still heavily favoured by people wanting hair which will lie nicely against the head.

It has a slightly greasy / waxy feel and is weighted more heavily. This means it can be somewhat resistant to curling, many people have success when boil perming the Saran, however, I personally have never had much luck as the curls tend to drop very quickly due to the weight.

The Saran also comes in many funky thermal heat reactive shades which can turn an ordinary reroot into an extraordinary one!

My Little Customs currently carries 2 different formats in the Saran; Standard Format and XL Format - both come in a looped format which requires cutting before use.

The Standard Format is 18 inches long and weighs 0.6 ounces.

The XL Format is a massive 31 inches long and weighs 1.5 ounces!

You get an awful lot of hair in an XL Format skein, just look at how much you get compared to a standard sized hank!!

Ideal for Blythe, Tonner, Gene, Tyler and all other larger dollies or, for all you super savvy savers who have spotted that you can get almost 3 times the amount of hair as in the standard pack – just imagine how many Sindy, Barbie, Fleur and other fashion sized doll heads can be rerooted from just the one skein!


The Polypropylene UV colours look and feel very similar to Nylon, however it is not an *exact* match in texture.

The matte colours feel a little like a cross between Saran and Nylon, a little heavier than Nylon and more like the thicker denier that some of the Saran colours have (for example, Pinky Pinky & Nitro Lime) - the matte colours are: Yellow, Pink, Purple and Blue/Purple.

Like the Nylon, Polypropylene comes in a 38 inch long format - the same size as the Nylon hanks.

Does the Polypropylene behave the same way as Nylon? Customers have reported to me that it is a little stiffer and harder to style than Nylon so may require a little extra taming. Polypropylene responds very well to boil perming :)

Please note - Polypropylene is completely nonporous so cannot be dyed or scented.