Saran Hair

Until Nylon came along, Saran was the best hair you could buy. It is still heavily favoured by people wanting hair which will lie nicely against the head.

It has a slightly greasy / waxy feel and is weighted more heavily. The Saran also comes in many funky thermal heat reactive shades which can turn an ordinary reroot into an extraordinary one!

Our saran comes in standard 12.5g weight packs - some are supplied in a looped format that requires cutting before use

  1. Rhapsody Red
  1. Bordeaux
  1. Oxidized Julia
    Coming Soon
  1. Ruby Tuesday
  1. Archie
    Coming Soon
  1. More Titian
  1. Ruby Slippers
    Coming Soon
  1. Caddy Red
  1. Tempest Red
  1. Joyeux Rouge
  1. Ruby Red
  1. Grant A Wish
  1. Coral Red
  1. Cranberry
  1. Fire Mist
  1. Orange Blossom
    Coming Soon
  1. Taxi Yellow
    Coming Soon
  1. All A Glow
  1. Yellow
  1. Dandelion Yellow
  1. Golden Girl
    Coming Soon
  1. Goldilocks
  1. Honey Blonde
  1. Lemon Blonde
  1. Light Blonde Chatty
  1. Whimsical Blonde
    Coming Soon
  1. Monroe
  1. Lola
    Coming Soon
  1. Blondicious
  1. Honey Child
  1. Champagne Blonde
    Coming Soon
  1. Limited Blonde