Kiwi Hair

'Kiwi' falls in between Saran and Nylon - it's a finer fibre but doesn't have the same weight and slightly 'oily' feel of Saran.

It handles much more like Nylon, both in terms of how it takes a boil perm, how it drapes and the fact it can be brushed multiple times without losing its shine!

Weighing in at a whopping 20 grams per pack, our Kiwi hair is perfect for building your stash!

  1. Chick Yellow
  1. Belle
  1. Apricot Kiss
  1. Fuzzy Peach
  1. Lady Fly
  1. Love Letter
  1. Love Struck
  1. Aurora
  1. Valentine
  1. Love Heart
  1. Thistle
  1. Ayame
  1. Grape Soda
  1. Dahlia
  1. Slip Stream
  1. Nautical
  1. Popsicle
  1. Frozen
  1. Chick Green