Nylon Hair

Nylon hair feels a little finer than saran. It has a lovely soft and silky texture.

It looks beautiful, it feels beautiful and is the easiest to style out of all the different types of hair. Not only does nylon perform beautifully on custom dolls but the company we purchase our gorgeous nylon from stocks nylon from Hasbro's supplier of nylon hair for My Little Ponies so you are getting the genuine MLP hair!

The Nylon hanks we stock are "My Little Pony Hanks" which are 38 inches long and come in one long format.

Weighing in at a whopping 14 grams per pack, our Nylon hair is the best value for money in the UK 😀

  1. Sea Nymph
  1. Poison Ivy
  1. Shamrock
  1. Arctic Frost
    Coming Soon
  1. Crystal Lake
  1. Daiquari Ice
  1. Atomic Turquoise
  1. Mermaid
  1. Water Nixie
  1. Bobby Blue
  1. Blueberry Muffin
  1. Blue Moon
  1. Bluebell
    Coming Soon
  1. Lapis Sapphire
  1. Forget Me Not
    Coming Soon
  1. Pacific Ocean
  1. After Midnight
    Coming Soon
  1. Deep Sea
  1. Hyacinth
  1. Purple Rain
  1. Twilight
  1. Brambleberry
  1. Wisteria
  1. Amethyst
  1. Luscious Lilac
  1. Mulberry Crush
  1. Sugarplum
  1. Ultraviolet
  1. Sour Grapes
    Coming Soon
  1. Bourgainvillea
  1. Garnet Jewel
    Coming Soon
  1. Deadly Knightshade